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  • March 25, 2008

Thmbnl.comYou’d never think that something as little as thumbnails would be terribly necessary unless you’re a photographer, image enthusiast, or blogger. But, the 2.

0 websscape, is a visual, content rich medium that allows for both enhanced user experience and sharing content across a broad spectrum. Thmbnl, a new web application tool, can help in this arena. Thmbnl is, you guessed it, a thumbnail generator. It’s a small utility that allows you to show thumbnail images of external links from web pages, blogs etc. How’s it work? You command it using the thmnl code library or just download the plugin. Thmnl’s sizes range from 60 to 800 and plans start from free, which allows for 1000 thumbnails monthly, $19.95/month which gets you 20,000 thumbnails, or you can go big with the Business account for $149/month and 900,000 thumbnails.

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