More – Find Good Movies To Watch Via Twitter

  • March 19, 2010

Thu.mbsup.comI don’t know how many of you do it, but I could bet that a significant share of people out there are becoming accustomed to checking Twitter out before going to the movies. That is only natural – reading a review takes time, and you are only getting one opinion.

Checking the buzz on Twitter is almost instant, and you are getting a lot of opinions at once. What’s more, the opinions that you are coming across have been ventured by people exactly like you.

So, in case you already check with Twitter to see which movies are worth it and you want a chance to do it even faster this is the site for you. And if you have never tried doing that before this will be a very good way to see how it all works.

On the site you can check the sentiment regarding any of the latest blockbusters like “Avatar”, “The Hurt Locker” and “Sherlock Holmes”. Upon choosing the title that you want to know more about you will be presented with two boxes – one shows positive tweets, and the other negative feedback. It doesn’t get much easier and clearer than this.

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