More – Say What You Want

  • February 12, 2011

Thrsti.comSpeaking your mind anonymously. That is what this site is all about. You simply type whatever is going round and round in your head (or whatever is compressing your chest) and then have it posted. Nobody is going to censor you, or curate what you have said.

If there is anything wrong with the place you live or work at, you will be able to denounce it through this site. If you want to rail against the educational system, the tax system, the government… this is where you can do it.

And when you are finished banging the keyboard, you will be able to put the cherry on the cake by uploading an image to go with your rant. And images always end up painting a thousand words, so the site is all the more effective for that.

Of course, in addition to being a completely anonymous platform Thrsti can be used for free. So, next time you feel like a bomb about to go off head down to this site instead. It will be healthier for just everybody.

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