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  • February 15, 2011

ThriveSolo.comThis is one for all the individuals that work as freelancers, and who want to convey an image that is every bit as serious and reputable as the big boys. It is named Solo, and it does all the things you should expect one such application to do. And it must be said that the application looks the part, too.

Your projects, clients and deadlines are all viewable at a glance thanks to the provided dashboard, and by clicking on any project you will be able to see the details of its client, the timesheets that apply and all the invoices that have been sent (or that are to be sent). And Solo makes it very easy to manage not only contacts but also subcontractors and prospects.

Solo is meant to be used both by traditional and digital designers, and right now it can be tried for free for 10 days. Once that trial period has ended, you will be given the option to go for a paid account (?5 per month).

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