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More – Goodwill of Central Arizona

  • July 12, 2008

Goodwillaz.orgI heard that you were looking for a place where you could be able to find a taste of all of that human values that you have been looking for a long time. Well, if that´s the case, then I think that you should really take a few minutes of your day to pay a visit to this great site.

Here at you will not only find stuff that you may need, but you will also get to know the job market. All of the people that works here at have great lives because of the help that they have been provide with. Here at you will be able to learn why. Many job offers and stuff had been a gift to all the people that need them because they believe that good will is the most important human condition and they live for that. So if you are a person that also thinks that helping each other is the only way to grow, then you must check out this great site, you won´t be disappointed.

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More – Shop Independent in Chicago

  • July 1, 2008

IndyList.orgFor the Chicago fans out there and those of you lucky enough to inhabit the windy city, there’s a new startup chronicling Chicago’s “little guys”, that is to say the mom and pop coffee shops, restaurants and thrift stores that you wouldn’t usually find in a local search site. The site is called IndyList and was made out of frustration for lack of a comprehensive listing of thrift stores in Chicago.

Thus IndyList was set into motion, and has evolved into a smart, yet simple guide to Chicago’s independent side– shops, restaurants and more. The interface is cheerful and easy to use; users can search or add locations. There’s even room for reviews of each locale. Simply register and create a profile to post a review or comment. IndyList has also recently added a mobile feature so you can keep up to date while you’re on the go. And it’s all free.

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