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  • September 24, 2009

Threadsy.comThe ability to communicate over the web has grown exponentially in the last couple of years, to the point that we need management tools of some type in order to access the different streams of information anybody who is into the WWW right now experiences directly. These include not only multiple e-mail accounts but also the social web on the whole, spearheaded by microblogging and networking sites.

That is what Threadsy stands for. It could be termed an inbox aggregator that actually takes into account every context in which a person interacts online nowadays.

Upon creating an account, you can choose the pertinent services one by one. Some of the supported service providers include AOL, Google, Yahoo and Twitter. That is, the services that most people go by when communicating with others. Once you are done, the different data found in each account is bundled together.

When it comes to Facebook and Twitter, for example, you can see the whole output of the ones that you are following, and quickly figure out connections among different services and the uses your acquaintances are putting them to. No more will you go through the “Did you see what I posted on Facebook?” scenario when talking to a fellow Twitterer – that information becomes accessible from the very beginning when you use something like Threadsy.

By pulling together a person’s different accounts and the public web as a whole and presenting that information in such a setting, then, any conversation whatsoever is put in a more representative light and everything can flow smoothly along. I would even say that it has the potential to steal Google Wave’s thunder, actually.

Threadsy is currently only available to those who have an invitation. We have 20 to go around. If you want one, just retweet this story and we’ll give out the invitations to one out of ten retweeters.

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