More – A New Productivity Tool

  • April 14, 2010

Threadbox.comThreadbox is a new solution that aims to roll several services into the same package, and stand as a productivity tool par excellence. Broadly speaking, it combines email and instant messaging with task management in order to let any team be connected at all times, and collaborate to the full.

Interaction with clients is also accounted for, as the system keeps track of every conversation, and feedback is easily analyzed afterwards.

The site is sill in beta, but it has just left the “private” label behind for good and can be tested by just anybody – and at no cost. A pro version is slated to materialize soon, and it will be mainly geared towards power users who need a wider range of features and also an even higher level of security. This premium service will also make room for data exporting and the recording of conference calls. Also, the paid version is meant to have up to 20 GB of storage capacity, as opposed to the free incarnation whose maximum capacity is just1 GB. “Just 1 GB” is a way to put it – that will be enough for most curious people who want to try the system out and see where it stands for them.

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