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6 Strategies To Generate More Leads From Facebook

6 Strategies To Generate More Leads From Facebook

Facebook is a critical platform for businesses as it provides a primary source of web traffic and an organic dialogue with fans who, according to Facebook, spend an average of two times more money with businesses than non-fans. However, News Feed posts barely engage or grow a brand’s fan base, reaching…

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Besides Twitter, Facebook takes the cake for the most third party apps (Oregon Trail, anyone?) So it’s nothing new to announce yet another third party app in the form of CasualCafe’s flash based games. CasualCafe is not new to making Facebook apps–they’ve already created a number of them– nor are they strangers to online games. CasualCafe’s latest games, Spyde Solitaire and Burdaloo are now becoming...

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So Facebook allowed third party apps late last year. It was fun. ‘Superpoke ‘is great, ‘Where I’ve Been’ is cool to show off, and all in all the third party apps make it a little MySpace-y but not so overwhelming. It’s all fun and games, right? But you wanted more you say. You wanted something a little more personal, a little more you. Fear not. Now there’s Blogfuse. Blogfuse lets you create your own Facebook app from your blog. You...

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