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  • January 28, 2009

Thintopia.comNeed some help for getting in shape? If that is the case, you might as well benefit from a visit to this website. In general terms, the site lets you track weight loss and fitness goals and take part of worldwide weight loss competitions – all in a friendly and easy-going environment, of course.

The objective of these competitions is to replace unhealthy eating habits with exercise routines and proper diets, educating members of the community and inspiring them to do better. The competitions themselves are also very well-focused since you don’t have to disclose your actual weight – all you have to share is the percentage of loss from your original starting weight.

Overweight is actually a very, very sensitive issue. An online resource such as this one enables those who are looking for a solution to motivate themselves by meeting like-minded individuals online and bonding together. As a conclusion, if you lack the drive to get started on your own, a site like Thintopia can turn out to be a valuable ally.

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