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  • January 12, 2009

ThinQFitness.comIf getting in shape is your current main concern, or if you simply wish to lead a healthier lifestyle, this site will most likely be of interest to you. Essentially, ThinQFitness is a portal where you can have access to fitness videos that cater for users in very different positions – for those just staring out to those who already have a sizable experience in these matters, and who wish to access advanced exercises and routines.

The website offers both free videos and paid services. The latter include a “pay per video” modality and a full membership that gives you unrestricted access to the contents making up this on demand video site.

When you watch a video, you are also provided with a full list of recommendations. This takes into account not only the theme that the last video you watched revolved about, but also the level itself.

When all is said and done, the site offers a wide-ranging collection of fitness videos that are likely to suit everyone’s tastes and abilities, and which can be accessed from anywhere there is an Internet collection available. If you are interested in such an approach, you can get started by registering online in no time at all.

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