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  • August 21, 2010

ThinkTutorial.comThe Think Tutorial website is a new resource that gathers together as many computer tutorials and lessons as you could ever need.

The featured pieces deal with everything from sending out emails and uploading images to the Internet, to operations that are notably more complex such as enabling your iTunes or handling your Facebook privacy settings.

The contents of the site can be browsed by way of the many tags that are displayed on the main page. There is, however, no option for arranging tutorials by difficulty – they are all sort of lumped together. And that is not the only gripe I have as far as organization is concerned. I think that adding at least some kind of overall categories a la “Social Networking” and “Web Browsers” would make everything that little more convenient.

The content of the site, now, is actually quite well-written and detailed. If some steps are taken towards making it more accessible then there is no reason why Think Tutorial shouldn’t gain the necessary traction to make it into the next stage.

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