More – Develop Your Ideas

  • October 16, 2007

Thinkspotting.comDo you have an idea that you think is actually pretty good? Do you want to develop that idea to maturity? If you do could be a great site for you.

At users submit ideas they think of and the ideas go through the four natural phases of development; conception, revision, promotion, and realization. You must be a member to submit an idea. Once you submit an idea you have already gone through the first phase, conception. After you have submitted an idea other members have the option of revising your idea to improve on it. Once the idea has been revised other members can vote on it. The revisions then compete against each other for votes. The top revisions with the highest votes are featured on the homepage, where everyone sees them. Users can also submit sightings of ideas they’ve seen come to life. Members report the sightings and can even include a photo. They also host a weekly podcast discussing some of these ideas. Ideas range greatly in topic from organic fast food to male birth control. So if you have a great idea check out and see what happens.

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