More – Letting Teams Collaborate To The Full

  • November 1, 2010

Thinkj.comThinkj offers a very basic set of collaboration tools for anybody to use. It will be quite an appealing solution for these project managers who want their team members to focus on their priorities and absolutely nothing else.

Thinkj enables project managers to create and delegate tasks, and then track how close they are to actually being completed using the featured dashboard. They will be able to see who is working on what, and make all the necessary changes conducive to the fulfilment of the task at hand. And documents can also be shared on the spot, with their visibility being easily determined the one who is sharing them.

Besides, Thinkj enables team members to communicate directly with each other via the built-in chat. This can be employed by registered users of the service only. People who are not part of the user?s professional circle will be kept out of it all.

Many versions of Thinkj are available. There is the free one (which comes with support for up to five different users) and three paid versions that increase the number of users, projects and the actual storage which is provided.

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