More – Enjoy Your Weekend

  • July 19, 2011

TheWeekendMap.comFinding things to do right where one lives is nowhere as difficult or time-demanding as it used to be. There are lots of sites that show one all the parties and events he could head to when boredom sort of starts sinking in. And the family of sites that play out that most interesting of roles keeps on swelling ranks. The Weekend Map is the newest site of such nature to see the light, and it does all that it should do in a really smooth way.

This site offers nothing more and nothing less than a map showcasing all the upcoming activity within the territories that are supported for the weekend lying ahead. Events of every kind are highlighted there, and they are marked using an intuitive set of icons. Sales, parties, festivals, meet-ups… it is all instantly findable, and by clicking on the relevant day tags (Friday/Saturday/Sunday) one can get things in even better focus.

The only drawback is that so far the site only covers New York City and Washington DC. But that is something inherent to sites of this nature, and a limitation which is always overcome in due time.

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