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  • December 1, 2009

TheTVdb.comAre you keen on The Internet Movie Database? If you do, chances are you will take a liking to this site. We could say it does for TV shows what IMdB does for movies.

In actuality, the Internet Movie Database also includes comprehensive information when it comes to TV shows, but we all know from experience that it is not a bad idea to have specialized sites. After all, too much information can get in the way and lead to a cluttered experience. That is the main value a repository of information like the Online TV Database has, and its main hook when it comes to attracting users.

There are other big differences, namely that the content of the database can be modified by anybody – that is, it is an open project. And it also runs on donations, just like Wikipedia.

Ultimately, if it can manage to get noticed and develop a more appealing interface then this site will have something of a chance of making it, owing to how interested people always are to its subject matter. You can give it a visit at the provided address and see if your favorite shows are already featured. If not, you can set that to right easily.

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