TheseSitesAre.Me – Update All Your Social Profiles

  • March 19, 2011

TheseSitesAre.MeThese Sites Are Me is a new service that is here to give those of us who have multiple social profiles some respite. To us, updating what we are doing means checking into a good couple of services in order to update the same status at different places. That is not really something strenuous, but it sure is boring. A faster way to get that done had to be devised. And that is exactly what These Sites Are Me is: a more practical way to experience the Social Web.

By creating a These Sites Are Me account, you will effectively be centralizing all your social profiles. A single update will be reflected everywhere. And by pointing anybody to your These Sites Are Me page, you will be giving that person immediate access to all your social profiles at once.

And while These Sites Are Me is basically a free service, it is always possible to add a SEO package to your profile in order to make it stick a little for the rest.

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