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It’s Time To Send Your App To Therapy

It’s Time To Send Your App To Therapy

If you want to build a great app, you should hire people who know a thing or two about computers. If you want to market it – you need them to understand people, too.

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For people who suffer from anxiety there’s a place online where they can interact with others who are dealing with the same issues. is a social site for the anxiety community, with over 10,500 registered members. Anxietyhelp is an interactive website for users that provides information on anxiety and allows it’s members to network and share their experiences dealing with the disorder. also offers...

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The website is a resource devoted to the practice and the products of aromatherapy. The first question that many users may ask right off the bat it what exactly aromatherapy is? This is addressed on the site as there is plenty of literature that explains the intricacies of the practice and how and why it is beneficial for humans to enjoy. Users can read all about how natural oils that are extracted from flowers and...

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Mentaline hopes to become the one-stop resource for those looking for therapists and coaching professionals online. The site gives people the chance to look them up by specialty, and more than 20 are already provided including “Mood Disorders”, “Anger Management” “Chronic Pain”, “Grief or Loss” and “Parenting”. Upon having carried your search, the site will enable you to get in touch with the therapist or coach in question, and book a...

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BLAHTherapy is a new random chat system that aims to render a noble service. In general terms, those who use it are either offering others a shoulder to cry on, or they are venting their frustrations and innermost fears themselves. When you fist arrive on the site, then, you will be confronted with these two options for signing in: start chatting as a listener, and start chatting as a venter. You can swap sides later on, of course and...

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