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  • June 27, 2011

ThePagePost.comThe Page Post is a new initiative that makes for the promotion of just anything. Webmasters, event organizers and creative types can use the site to create a profile for promoting what they are doing. A webmaster can advertise his own site, an event organizer can make people aware of all the events that he is putting together and ensure a better attendance, and those who have good ideas can use The Page Post to have them pitched to the world. In all cases, we are talking about a site that can be used absolutely at no cost, and that is open to people in just any country. As long as somebody can communicate in English, then he will be able to use The Page Post as intended and advertise what he does for free.

All of the profiles that are created remain visible for some time on the homepage, too. And the site also has a section for featured pages. These are visible for even longer, increasing the chance of people who land on the site to know about what is being advertised.

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