More – Spread The Word About Trendy Places

  • November 20, 2009

TheBuzz.atIf you are one for trendy places and can’t rest until you have hit every single one of them, then this website is certainly going to appeal to you. Essentially, it is a bit like Digg only that what is recommended are these places that are “in”.

As a result, the items making up the site are venues such as restaurant, bar, pubs and nightlife scenarios like comedy clubs. These are voted up and down, obviously, and people can leave comments whenever they feel like doing it.

The actual items that are posted can be looked up in a plethora of ways, as you can carry out searches by neighborhood and also see the places that have attracted the most attention in the last couple of days easily. The least popular places can be visualized too in case you want to know which spots are best left to their own devices.

All in all, an interesting (and dynamic) way to know where to set your steps to on a weekend you feel like trying something new and are not particularly inspired to make a choice.

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