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The Startup Sit Down: Andrew Follett Wants to Animate Your Startup

Andrew Follett is the Founder and CEO of Demo Duck, an “explainer video” creator, and has just launched Video Brewery, a community of video creatives connecting with clients and creating handcrafted videos for their business.   I had a Startup Sit Down with Andrew to get the scoop on Demo Duck’s christening, lessons learned along the way, and how electric toy helicopters keep the stress-levels low.     Hi Andrew, thanks...

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The Startup Sit Down: Elizabeth Yin and the LaunchBit Tidbits

Elizabeth Yin is the co-founder of, an ad network for email. She is an old school coder for startups (of the dot com era) and was recently a marketing manager for Google. She also holds degrees from Stanford and MIT. She’s got some serious credentials to say the least.         I caught up with Elizabeth for another edition of The Startup Sit Down to find out what it was like growing up in Silicon...

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The Startup Sit Down: DuckDuckGo and Start Your New (Search) Engine

Gabriel Weinberg is the founder of DuckDuckGo, a search engine that relieves the pain points we find in the major search engine players… we’re talkin’ ‘bout you Google and Bing!   Seriously cool features include:   NO Tracking- DuckDuckGo does not collect or share your personal info. Excellent. NO Bubbling- DuckDuckGo does not customize search results based on your Web history. Rad. !Bang Syntax– This feature allows...

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