More – Creating Groups In An Easy Way

  • April 18, 2010

ThatsToday.comThat’s Today is a new application that will empower you to create groups and manage them from top to bottom. Using this tool it is very easy to assign tasks to different individuals within your team, and collaborate by sharing files of every kind right on the spot.

Besides, a shared calendar is provided for everybody to know what has to be done, and when. Plus, the ability to have automatic reminders sent out will certainly be instrumental towards ensuring that tasks do not fall behind schedule.

The actual process of inviting people to join a group is very intuitive, and certainly practical since you can do it both via Gmail and Facebook. That is, the two services that are certain to play host to your vast majority of existing contacts.

If you are under the impression that this particular tool is more suited towards non-professional uses then you are right. This will do particularly fine for groups of friends that want to share their passion for anything in a more ordered way. After all, there are so many commercial tools available that companies and organizations are bound to go for those – they are packed with punchier features and more comprehensive interfaces.

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