TextSecret.net – Text Messaging Your Sins

  • August 23, 2010

TextSecret.netSharing your innermost secrets and anxieties in an anonymous way is what this site is all about. And as you can guess by looking at its name, your mobile phone will play a vital role in that process.

Essentially, Text Secret will let you send out a SMS where you confess something you wouldn’t admit to in real life, and that text message will be (anonymously) displayed on the site for all to see.

Featured secrets go from the mostly innocuous “I’m in my mid-twenties and I have imaginary friends” to stuff that is considerably meaner such as “I work at a university supporting students with Asperger’s. On several occasions I have faked their signatures on my timesheets to make sure I get paid the full amount”.

In the end, the team behind Text Secret makes an interesting assumption: mobiles facilitate most sins, so why don’t we use them to (sort of) cleanse ourselves? If you agree with that, just pay the site a visit to have a better understanding of the way everything works in practice.

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