TextDigger.com – Improve The Findability Of Your Site

  • November 30, 2008

TextDigger.comTextDigger is a company that has the objective of empowering businesses to improve the findability of their websites. This is accomplished by providing solutions that range from automatic tagging to semantic keyword generation.

The solutions on offer intend to analyze, tag, classify and deliver content in the most effective way, so that your content is easily located and made available to the general public out there. This way, the page is not only easier to find and navigate, but also much easier to monetize.

This website is subdivided in the way corporate websites are often split, and the different products are grouped under the corresponding headings. These include Digger Tags, Digger Keywords, Digger Related Search and (most notably) a semantic search that presents the user with reasonable variations of his original query. On the other hand, press information (detailing the vision of the company) can be located by following the pertinent link. Finally, job openings and career opportunities are described in the relevant section.

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