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skoobit.com – Save Money by Renting Textbooks

  • November 17, 2008

skoobit.comSkoobit has created a solution to help reduce the high expenses of a college education. At Skoobit their goal is to make a difference in college students lives in respect to saving money on textbooks.

They are on a mission to change the perspective that students have towards buying textbooks and all of the complications that are involved. Their service provides a very easy way to rent college books, along with the user having the luxury of returning the textbooks at any time they wish to.

This is a new concept which is becoming increasingly popular among students accross the country whereby students are able to save money on textbooks by just renting them. Skoobit is also unique among its competitors who are renting books because their price structure is different.

Skoobit charges $10.99 a month per book for 4 months and $13.99 a month per book for 3 months regardless of the retail price. Students also get free shipping both ways, making the savings even more significant.


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