Text4Swap.com – A Spot For The Exchange Of Textbooks

  • November 30, 2009

Text4Swap.comText4Swap aims to become a viable alternative when it comes to the buying and selling of textbooks that college students are traditionally accustomed to. We can define it as a networking site which is centered on book-for-book swapping.

The concept that lies at the heart of the site is a simple one, as students add a list of the books they have already used (EG, the ones that they want to swap off) accompanied by a list of the books they need for new courses. The system then carries out a search and produces exact swap matches, and students can simply proceed to exchange these books they no longer need for those that they want.

Such a system obviously saves time and a considerable amount of effort, as the hassle of selling used books and then searching for new course books manually is cast aside.

It is important to stress that students themselves have full control of the network as they decide which books are actually swapped. That means students do not have to accept swap matches that they are not keen on for a reason or the other – swaps can be denied as they see fit.

As you can imagine, all the students on the network have their own profiles. These come complete with ratings, so other swappers (members of the network) can view their ratings and feedback comments in order to make up their minds.

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