TexasHeart.org – Texas Heart Institute

  • June 17, 2008

TexasHeart.orgTexasHeart.org is the site of the Texas Heart Institute at St.

Luke’s Episcopal Hospital that lives by the mission, which is to reduce the devastating toll of cardiovascular disease, by providing a wealth of reliable information such as the chance of finding patient care information, information to learn more about the heart health, you can also learn about all the heart disease risk factors, and much more information on the subject. If you are interested in learning more about this institute, you will be able to find more about the departments, history, location and parking, professional staff, and more; there are other sections, such as the Patient Care, with care centers information, prevention, diagnosis, treatment, recovery and support information. The Heart Information Center offers many other categories, such as heart-health topics, anatomy, project heart, cardiovascular glossary, and many other categories; there is also a Education section, where you will be able to find resources for physicians, postdoctoral programs, school of perfusion technology, continuing medical education, and many other educational categories. TexasHeart.org

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