Orangecountychoppers.com – American Choppers Home

  • January 11, 2008

Orangecountychoppers.comMotorcycle fans around the world are probably familiarized with Discovery Channel’s TV show American Choppers, and as a result probably will enjoy Orangecountychoppers.com very much.

This is the official site for the show’s protagonists, the Teutuls, and also the center of chopper information: upcoming events and fairs, official merchandise and licensed chopper accessories, plus a gallery of the bikes this show is famous for creating. The site is very neatly designed in red and black Flash, so all the high-res and detailed pictures can be comfortably looked at but not downloaded. Each bike’s gallery includes an average of 20 shots plus exclusive insightful information and facts that will wow bike fans. Happily, these cool objects of desire can be purchased from real life dealerships, whose information is available from the site. Orangecountychoppers.com

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