Antonym.com – Assistance With Your Word Options

  • August 19, 2012

If you are in need of help finding out more words or opposite words for something you are working on like a crossword puzzle or a paper for school then you should check out the great site antonym.com sometimes it is just great to be able to have a site like this to help you out when you are having trouble finding a term that you want. At antonym.com you can go on their simple website and put in a word and click on weather you want a synonym or a antonym or even if you would like the definition of the word that you are looking for.

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TeachMeFinance.Com – Basic Finance Concepts

  • June 9, 2008

TeachMeFinance.ComDo you want to learn basic finance concepts? Would you like to know more about bonds and interest rates? TeachMeFinance.Com could be of help. This site offers lots of information about financial concepts, including preferred stock, market interest and stock valuations, as well as compound interests.

TeachMeFinance.com provides you with an alphabetical list of basic finance concepts. You can learn about preference stock as well as interest rates and bond valuations, among other ideas. Besides, you can use online financial calculators and read the latest financial news. You can also learn to make a credit report and fill out a balance sheet.

Are you looking for information about rates and mortgage? Do you want to learn about preferred and common stock? On TeachMeFinance.com you can find learning resources about stock valuations, the value of a bond, and market interests. Next time you need to learn basic finance concepts, feel free to stop by TeachMeFinance.com. TeachMeFinance.Com

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Medterms.com – Get The Right Definition

  • May 8, 2008

Medterms.comAre you tired of watching old E.R.

episodes just to have the chance to learn some new medical lingo that you can flex in front of your office buddies so that you can look like you know what you are talking about? The next time you suffer a season ending injury that jeopardizes your flag football season, you will want to know with stunning precision the nature of your injury. You will probably have to buy a medical encyclopedia, right? With Medterms.com, you will have all the ability to get the right medical definitions for any type of medical condition. This site contains hundreds of medical terms. All you have to do is look and search for your favorite term and then a succinct definition pops up and all of a sudden you are a medical genius. Beyond the definitions, there are also news and health updates that you can also browse that are of relevance to the medical and health world. Medterms.com

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Doubletongued.org – Learn New Words In Your Language

  • April 29, 2008

Doubletongued.orgDo you want to get technical? If you’d like to understand some of the words you frequently listen in the streets or classrooms, you will enjoy this site then. This site offers a great variety of terms and words commonly used in your daily life, focusing in some slang, jargon words.

At the web site you will find a list of categories, such as: advertising, literature, appearance and fashion, health, sports and recreation, nautical, religion, science, relationships, and many more. Each category has an explanation and each one has its synonymous. Doubletongued.org is always up to date, so it contains the most recent words and expressions you usually listen to. At the site there is a section with “words a day” full of related links in which you can find some translators and languages dictionaries. You can add a word you know and submit it in their page, as long as it is undocumented or under documented. Doubletongued.org

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SpywareGuide.com – News and Tools For Spyware

  • April 22, 2008

SpywareGuide.comSpywareguide.com is the site you need if you are looking for general information about spyware and adware.

In this site you will be provided with the latest news and articles about spywares. As the name of the site indicates, you will be provided with a spyware guide that includes not only articles concerning this, but also a list of products with a detailed description and explanation on who they work. You can also find a list of companies in which you are able to read detailed information about them and see the products they offer the clients. If you feel lost or you don’t understand certain definitions and terms about software, then you can visit the “education” section and you can make use of the help they offer you. Spywareguide is the site you need to visit if you are willing to understand a little more about this software and to be notified with the latest news concerning spyware and adware. SpywareGuide.com

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MedFriendly.com – Understanding Biology Terms

  • April 22, 2008

MedFriendly.comHow many times have you searched in dictionaries and biology text books for some medical definition but didn’t understand the terms and definitions? This happens to most people that aren’t familiar to biology. Medfriendly.

com is a site that provides understandable biological terms for those people that know little about it. In the home page you can see the alphabet and by selecting a letter you will be provided with a list of terms usually used in biology. Each term has an explanation and a definition. Furthermore, you can also find articles written by the webmaster of this site, a neuro-psychologist, about how to become happier with your life in seven days, as well as recommendations on what to do when you can’t afford the medications you need. If you are looking for hospitals in the USA, then the site also provides a list with the hospitals in each state. You thought you knew it all? Visit medfriendly.com and improve your learning skills regarding biology! MedFriendly.com

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TweetVolume.com – Telling You What’s Hot on Twitter

  • March 7, 2008

TweetVolume.comIn case you had any doubt of Twitter’s powerful grip over the net, here’s yet another app designed with our favorite light comm app in mind:TweetVolume. Judging from the name, you could hedge your bets that TweetVolume has to do with numbers, and you’d be right.

To be more precise, TweetVolume scans and counts the number of times a word or phrase appears on Twitter. You can type up to five terms per search. The results are displayed in a colorful and comparative bar graph. The bars represent all mentions of a word/term from Twitter’s inception until the present moment. And, of course this is only from public Twitter feeds. You can also send your search to a friend—more than that, remains to be seen.

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Diabetes-program.com – Diet Secrets

  • March 4, 2008

Diabetes-program.comDo you suffer from diabetes? Do you have any relative that suffers from it? Would you like to learn some stuff about how to keep a balanced diet? Then you should visit the Diabetes Program site. Even though at first sight this web page might not look very appealing, inside the site you will have the possibility of reading a lot of interesting data about the diabetes.

Some of the stuff you can read on this web page is about diet tips, using diabetes pills and more general information about the disease. You can learn which are the different causes that can produce that you end up with a high level of sugar in your blood. So if you know more about them, you might have a chance of avoiding getting sick. And this site also offers you the possibility of getting a complete diet specially design for diabetic people, simply by registering your e mail. Diabetes-program.com

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