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  • November 25, 2007

Lacoste.comLacoste is a French apparel company that sells apparel for men and women. The company can be recognized by its green crocodile logo.

It offers clothing, footwear, leather goods, watches, perfumes, eyewear and most famously tennis shirts among others. In this site, you can view all of these products and learn how much they cost. But that is not all. The site will provide you with a picture of every product and it respective price. You will also find a “Boutique” section to look for a Lacoste store in your area and you can also order your products online. In order to place an order, you have to create an account, browse your product and once you find it click on the “add to the shopping cart” button. Information about shipping and delivery will be provided to you in the check out process.

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