Arbetsformedlingen.se – When Searching for Work in Sweden Arbetsformedlingen has Answers for You

  • August 17, 2012

Jobs, employers, staff and recruitment meetings, these are the subjects arbetsformedlingen.se is dedicated to. Arbetsformedlingen is Swedish for Employment Service as well as the term chosen to be the company’s name. An introductory movie is posted at arbetsformedlingen.se for newcomers while anyone concerned for themselves about losing their current work or anyone needing work can sign up for services from this employment provider. A lot of handy advice for presenting yourself to a prospective employer is here in forms of manuals you can download or as articles for students or non-student adults.

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Adil.com – Adil Business Systems Staffing Solutions

  • October 11, 2011

Adil.comFor customized staffing solutions, Adil.com offers employers and job seekers alike a one stop shop for business staffing. Adil specializes in Administrative Support, Profession Staffing, Integrated Business Solutions, IT Solutions, Healthcare, and IS Security. They have been helping Fortune 500 corporations, Government agencies, and other clients find workers for more than 20 years. Adil is based in New York City, NY and they additionally have several field locations and brand offices throughout the United States including Providence, Rhode Island and Hollywood, Florida.

For employers interested in speaking to a representative from Adil.com directly, they may fill out the online contact form with their company name, contact name, email address and their specific enquiry. Employers may also leave a telephone number if they would like to be contacted by phone. Once they have hired Adil Business Systems, customers may login to a special client portion of the website in order to manage their open positions and their account.

For job seekers visiting Adil.com, they may browse jobs by job type, location, or keyword. Currently, some of the positions listed on the Adil site include Dietitian, Teacher Aide, Registered Nurse, Psychiatrist, and Data Collections / Quality Control. All positions currently listed on the site are in Rhode Island.

Resources for job seekers and employees available on the Adil.com site include forms, general information about jobs, timesheets, and contract vehicles. Currently employees may sign in to a special employee portal on the Adil site as well for other account management options and resources.

When it comes to IT, Adil offers a variety of staffing options including direct IT staffing, business solutions, IT security, and IT outsourcing. The IT solutions offered through Adil.com include application development, information systems management, infrastructure management, as well as data warehouse and business intelligence. Adil.com

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Adecco.ca – Temp Jobs in Canada

  • October 1, 2011

Adecco.caWhen it comes to temporary workers and contractors in Canada, Adecco.ca is the industry leader. Adecco employs more than 700,000 temporary workers in 60 countries around the world and they have over 50 locations in Canada alone. Adecco.ca connects people looking for employment with organizations looking for employees. Adecco specializes in human resource solutions for the world of finance, the health care sector, engineering and technical positions, and other professional and executive search and recruitment.

For job seekers in Canada, Adecco.ca may be able to help them find temporary, part-time, or permanent positions. Adecco also provides job seekers with resume counseling, interviewing assistance, and free career advice. Job seekers can read about the pay and benefits of working through Adecco, and they can apply online. Adecco.ca also offers a Job Search Engine to help folks find the job opportunities which are best suited for their skill sets, education, and skill sets. Job seekers may upload their resume to the Adecco.ca website after they have registered, or they may contact Adecco directly by phone or email.

For employers, Adecco Canada offers HR consulting services, permanent placement services, and temporary recruitment services. Human Resources Consulting Services may include direct recruitment, organizational development, mass recruitment, and marketing recruitment strategies. For companies interested in hiring Adecco for their HR and recruitment needs, they may contact Adecco by the email address or phone number provided for employers on Adecco.ca, or they may visit a local Adecco office. The Office Locator function on Adecco.ca allows employers, employees, and job seekers to search for Adecco locations by division, postal code, and country or they my browse a list of all Adecco locations in Canada. Adecco.ca

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MailNesia.com – Temporary Email Inboxes

  • July 31, 2011

MailNesia.comNo serious Internet user does without a disposable email service. It is too easy to get burned when submitting your real email address, even by companies that look reputable. Services like WhySpamMe and Postacin are around to let one register to pages without disclosing more than it is safe. But if neither of these nor any of the many other disposable email providers currently available seem to satisfy your needs, then you might as well give MailNesia a look. This temporary email provider allows you to handle website registrations without having to disclose your real email address. And it lets you do that in a breeze – you’re not requested to supply any kind of personally-identifiable information. All you must do is choose a user name to go with the inbox you want to have. The messages that are sent there can then be accessed by pointing your browser to the unique URL that is generated; MailNesia inboxes are all patterned along the lines of “[email protected]”. There is just nothing to set up on your side.

And a really ace touch is that MailNesia can take care of automatically clicking on the registration links that are sent to that disposable inbox. So, registering to any service is done not only more securely but also supremely faster.

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MailTemp.net – Disposable Email Addresses

  • April 25, 2011

MailTemp.netA new disposable email provider, MailTemp lets us fight spam in a way that is as easy as it is effective. Users of MailTemp.com can simply choose the address that they want to have used (it will invariably end with @mailtemp.net), and that address will then be generated for them to submit to any suspicious page that requests one be provided in order to sign up. Users will be able to reply to all messages they receive straight from it.

The fake email addresses that can be created through this site all have a set lifespan – they all expire within 24 hours. You are not allowed to modify that, and while some might say that such a thing limits the uses this web service has, I actually think that it gives it more practicality. I mean, you always know what you are getting if you do resort to MailTemp. There is nothing to set up, and there is nothing to adjust at all.

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FastSociety.com – An Application For Group Texting

  • October 5, 2010

FastSociety.comFast Society is an application that can be used for setting up temporary groups and both texting and calling their members. These groups can’t include more than 15 individuals, and they have an expiration date (currently three days, but that limit is being expanded to as much as seven days in the next revision).

And it is important to note that (once it has been created) a Fast Society group will exist for at least three hours, regardless of how many people actually use it.

This app has a direct advantage over some of its competitors like GroupMe and Plannr, and it is that you don’t have to sign in, or disclose any kind of information besides your actual phone number. People who are gunshy to give too much away will obviously find that enticing.

If you have an iPhone, you can already get the app and give it a spin for yourself to see if it’s something you’d envision using regularly. And if you have either a Blackberry or an Android, then you’d be glad to know that apps for both mobiles are under development right now.

Fast Society is an application that can be used for setting up temporary groups and both texting and calling their members. These groups can’t include more than 15 individuals, and they have an expiration date (currently three days, but that limit is being expanded to as much as seven days in the next revision).

And it is important to note that (once it has been created) a Fast Society group will exist for at least three hours, regardless of how many people actually use it.

This app has a direct advantage over some of its competitors like GroupMe and Plannr, and it is that you don’t have to sign in, or disclose any kind of information besides your actual phone number. People who are gunshy to give too much away will obviously find that enticing.

If you have an iPhone, you can already get the app and give it a spin for yourself to see if it’s something you’d envision using regularly. And if you have either a Blackberry or an Android, then you’d be glad to know that apps for both mobiles are under development right now.

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Hour.ly – Where Hourly Work Is Listed

  • October 4, 2010

Hour.lyHour.ly is a career resource of its very own.

Actually, I don’t know how suitable the expression “career site” is in this case, as the site is focused on letting people find nothing more and nothing less that work to do on an hourly basis. This isn’t the kind of site that will let you take your career forwards at a rapid rate. But that doesn’t make it any less interesting or useful. It all depends on your true needs and preferences when it comes to working. Clearly, people who are more partial to being temporary workers will find this site appealing, if only because there are not that many comparable resources around.

On this site, then, people who are looking for work on an ongoing basis can post their own profiles and be matched with companies that are hiring. Alternatively, people can take the other way around and browse through the ads that have been posted by these companies.

In both cases, the site is free to use. The one requisite is creating an account beforehand, and that is done without working too much of a sweat at all.

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TempAlias.com – Have A Temporary Email Address

  • May 25, 2010

TempAlias.comAre you concerned about hiding your identity online? Then, Tempalias.com might be a useful site to visit. The services provided by TempAlias give you the chance to get temporary email aliases for free, and send an anonymous email.

In addition, there are many different benefits provided by Tempalias.com when it comes to anonymous email services. With this website you can make an email address, and then open the new account with Hotmail. Moreover you can create unlimited free email addresses, each account with a new temporary alias that will allow you to send anonymous emails and hide your identity or hide your real email address.

In case you want to send an anonymous email or you are interested in creating an email address, Tempalias.com will be a good site for you to visit. Remember this website the next time you want to learn how to make a new email address.

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Temporary-Car-Insurance.com – Temporary Car Insurance

  • February 21, 2010

Temporary-Car-Insurance.comIn case the concept is new to you, a temporary car insurance is the kind of insurance that you buy when you are using a borrowed vehicle. That is, a friend lends you his car for about six months.

You already have your own car, and you have that insured. But that insurance will not cover your friend’s car (IE, the one that you will be driving now).

That is exactly where this type of insurance comes in. And if you want to know how much it would cost, you can do so by using the search tool that is included on this site. Just supply your ZIP code when prompted and answer if you already have an insurance or not to get started. Temporary-Car-Insurance.com

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Dispostable.com – A Disposable Inbox For You To Use

  • February 4, 2010

Dispostable.comDon’t you get the willies every time you have to supply your email in order to access a service that might not even be worth it in the end? If you do, you are not alone. The likelihood of you being bombarded with spam is increasingly high, and learning about people who had to ditch their original accounts and pick new ones to go by owing to the amount of unsolicited messages that they received is not that rare.

And that is the case even toady, when the technology we have for preventing spam from coming through is better than it ever was.

Taking all that into account, it comes as no surprise that there are services such as Dispostable available. In general terms, it will provide you with a temporary address that you can employ in order to sign up for services whose reputability is unclear. In that way, you can avoid a nasty surprise afterwards.

This service is provided at no cost, and creating an account is as simple as choosing the address that you want to employ as a temporary one. It will end with @dispostable.com. Easy, direct, and – most of all – practical.

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UploadPie.com – A New Tool For Sharing Images

  • January 8, 2010

UploadPie.comUpload Pie is a new tool for sharing images online. “What for? We have a trillion already”, I hear you grunt.

We have a trillion already indeed, but this one has a little twist that might come in useful every now and then. You see, Upload Pie will allow you to stipulate for how long the file will be shared. You do so when you upload the picture, as a drop down menu will enable you to have you pick from the following options: 30 minutes, 1 hour, 6 hours, 1 day and 1 week.

That is a novel touch, and the site makes me think of these temporary e-mail inboxes that you can use when you fear you will be flooded with spam. Other than that, the Upload Pie site merits no further explanation – there is a maximum file size (only 3 MB), and the supported filetypes are gif, png, jpg, pdf & txt. I personally think the site might be useful in very specific circumstances, and it is good to keep it mind – after all, what you can do through it is not easily replicable without a lot of manual input.

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JobOasis.co.uk – For Job Seekers In The UK

  • October 24, 2009

JobOasis.co.ukIf you live in Surrey, Cardiff or Kent and are looking for either a temporary or a one-off job, this site is most likely going to be of help. Essentially, it is a marketplace where you can find jobs ranging far and wide, posted straight by home owners and businesses.

These fall into categories such as “Gardening”, “Labouring”, “Bar work” and “Baby Sitting”. Besides, categories like “Promotional Work” and “Photography Work” are likewise included.

The way in which all this functions is quite simple: the one who needs to hire a worker places an ad on the site describing the job in question, and then anybody who conducts a search through the site will be able to submit a quote. The person who advertised the job then weighs up the quotes that he receives, and once he finds one that meets his professional and monetary expectations the deal is closed.

In a down economy like the one we are unfortunately forced to face, jobs are scarcer than ever. While procuring a full time job would certainly be desirable, a temporary job often is all we can find. There is nothing wrong with that – far from it, every single work experience counts, especially when you are young. It speaks of your willingness to push forwards and excel both personally and professionally. As such, this site will certainly be valuable to the ones who reside into any of the regions which are covered.

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StaffingSolutions.com – Staffing Solution Experts

  • July 21, 2008

StaffingSolutions.comStaffingsolutions.com provides a large array of stuffing solutions for the organizations.

Have you ever thought what makes the difference between two companies that offer the same service? Well, the answer is its people. The human capital is what distinguishes one organization from another. At staffingsolutions.com they are totally aware of that, therefore, they have developed diverse solutions involving human resources. Their aim is to provide organizations with high quality employees that best suit their organization’s culture. They will provide you with the best candidates for temporary or permanent job positions. On the main page of the web site there are diverse links, such as: locations, apply online, and job listings. This latter includes positions from different states and different job’s types. There is sales support, recruiter, warranty clerk, account manager, press operator, executive administrative assistant, screen printing press assistants, business developer, human resources specialist, just to mention a few. StaffingSolutions.com

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FurnishedQuarters.com – The Hotel Alternative Online

  • July 9, 2008

FurnishedQuarters.comFurnishedQuarters.com is the largest provider of temporary furnished apartments in New York City, with a growing portfolio of stylish, conveniently located residences in White Plains, New York, northern New Jersey, and Boston metropolitan regions.

It is distinguished by its urban contemporary design and prime locations. Its apartments provide a relaxing, residential retreat for business travelers on short-term assignment, out-of-town visitors or anyone desiring an authentic residential experience. At the homepage you will find some sections that provide information about locations, fun stuff, announcements, the company, and the web specials. You can search by state and by number of bedrooms. Hit the search button and a list with all the possibilities available for that choice will appear. According to recent industry data, the demand for furnished accommodations is growing in both the business and leisure markets. As New York’s leading provider, they continue to expand their portfolio of residences in these key regions in response to their client’s needs. FurnishedQuarters.com

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Tattoosales.com – Online Temporary Tattoos Provider

  • June 24, 2008

Tattoosales.comTattoo Manufacturing Inc. is a company that deals in temporary tattoos.

The customer can request custom logo tattoos, or buy the ones he likes best from the provided selections which can be browsed through online. These include a wide range of motifs, such as hearts, angels, fairies and other conventional tattoo fare. In addition to that, the full catalog can be downloaded for offline consultation. Conversely, there are guidelines for submitting a design both via e-mail and by regular mail if the customer opts for designing his own tattoo. Said guidelines also detail how to request specific effects. Other products that the Tattoo Manufacturing Inc. deals in include watercolour paint sheets, scratch off cards and pocket planner calendars. These can be perused and eventually ordered online by following the provided links. Lastly, the shipping and handling policies that the company adheres to are clearly set down in the respective section. The company ships worldwide, and the fees that apply are described online. Tattoosales.com

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Ajilonoffice.com – Job Search

  • June 21, 2008

Ajilonoffice.comSo you think it´s time for a change. You have just realize that you are needing a new job.

You need desperately to work before you start wondering around your house all day long with nothing to do. Well, if that´s the case then you should not miss this great site because here at Ajilonoffice.com you will be able to choose from a huge collection of job offers which is the one that you like. Just listen to my advice on this one time, and take a few minutes of your Monday to pay a visit to Ajilonoffice.com. Here at Ajilonoffice.com you will find that job that you seek and you will finally be able to sleep in peace. So what are you waiting for? Time is passing and you are not working. Just listen to me and check out Ajilonoffice.com, they guarantee that they have something for you. If you don´t believe me then just check it out tonight and you will see. Ajilonoffice.com

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Temptatts4u.com – Temporary Tattoos Online

  • May 15, 2008

Temptatts4u.comThis site provides a painless, affordable way for you to accessorize yourself. This site is an online store that offers all kinds of temporary tattoos for you to purchase online.

You can search for the tattoo of your choice by looking in the different categories such as Animals, Dragons, Insects, Roses, Mini Tattoos, Creepies, Celestial, Belly Tattoos, Cartoons and more. This site also offers henna, tattoo tape and all that you need to print your tattoo to yourself. Every item offered in this site has a photo of what it is, the name, a brief description and the price next to it. To search for what you would like to purchase in this site you can use the search engine bar as well. Apart from products, this site offers many ideas about tattoos, and places to stick them on such as guitars and many more places as well. Shipping information and many links to other sites containing related information are also available in this site as well. Temptatts4u.com

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HairFacts.Com – Hair Removal Facts Online

  • May 15, 2008

HairFacts.ComHairFacts.Com provides hair removal facts for consumers.

This website grew out of another site the website’s author started in 1996. She created over 3,350 pages to help you make informed purchasing decisions. Hair removal might be considered a “cosmetic” issue, but managing or removing unwanted hair can go beyond being a simple “cosmetic” problem. There are some categories located at the left hand side of all pages where you can get information about this subject. The main categories are Permanent, Hair Inhibitors, Temporary, Doubtful, and Other Topics. At this last one category you can find some tips in order to make hair removal easier, safer, and more effective. Learn how to reduce pain, how to purchase a home unit, and information about eye safety during hair removal. This site also offers information about clinical data on various methods of hair removal. And as everyone has different circumstances for wanting hair removal and different limitations the site also offers some advice to choose a method. HairFacts.Com

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Anonymbox.com – Temporary Anonymous Email

  • May 12, 2008

Anonymbox.comAnonymbox.com is a site where users can set up an anonymous email address that will exist for 12 hours.

Anonymbox.com give you the two options of receiving a temporary email address or choosing your own temporary email address. Once you have set up your email address you can receive and send emails for 12 hours just like it was your own email address. If you have important information that needs to stay private, Anonymbox.com can give you that security and privacy. No one will know who the owner of the temporary email is. You can surf the web anonymously, take surveys, protect yourself from spam, and express yourself on blogs and forums without worrying about getting judged. Your temporary email address is for free and spam free so blog any and feel confident and secure that your privacy is being protected when you use Anonymbox.com.

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Temporaryinbox.com – The Place Where Spam Dies

  • May 9, 2008

Temporaryinbox.comThe creator of Temporary Inbox, Pascal Beyeler, is on a personal mission to destroy spam. It was his utter dislike of the junk mail that spurred him to build the site, which is an email inbox and web address, to be used in forums, publicity sign-ups, or any other situation in which you might be sent spam.

All messages in the inbox are automatically deleted after six hours. The email accounts are not secure; there are no passwords, and anyone that knows the address can access the email. The account is totally free and does not require any registration. The service is currently available in eleven different languages.

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