More – Save What You Want To Say

  • July 10, 2011

TellInFuture.comWho knows where we will be tomorrow? If there is something we badly want to say to a person, it is only best we should take some steps for ensuring such a thing will be expressed in one way or the other. And that is where a service like TellInFuture comes in. This new website allows us to type down messages that will become publicly visible when a certain date arrives, and not before.

Using this service is as simple as submitting the words you want to have consigned into this kind of online time capsule, and then receiving a unique URL in return. This URL is what you will send to the ones you want to read the message when the time comes. And the message will only become visible then – the people you send the URL to will not be able to see anything until that time arrives.

The uses a service like this one can have are obviously down to each user. Some will resort to it to reveal secrets, others to leave messages of encouragement for relatives after they have passed away… these are all valid uses, and the site lends to them perfectly well. It would have been better to have at least some different text options and to be able to attach files to these messages one types, but you can’t always have everything, can you?

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