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  • May 21, 2008

Echostarfixedsatellite.comThe Echostar Fixed Satellite Services (EFSS) form part of the Echostar Corporation providing satellite communication services to broadcasting organizations, governments and enterprises, worldwide. They have revolutionized the way in which we communicate – working behind the scenes, making it all possible.

EFFS collaborates with their clients, providing innovative technological solutions like occasional-use services, news, sports, entertainment and catastrophic broadcasts, gateway facilities, fiber routes and so on. An enterprise or corporation, today, needs a private communication network, an intranet, a training network or monitoring services and the like, in order to be successful. The EFFS put their infrastructure at their clients’ disposal. There’s a section that’s lists government services available, like occasional voice data and videos services. There´s an informative section dedicated to teleports, the satellite fleet and digital broadcast facilities, as well as a section devoted to their digital fiber optic network.

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