More – Look to Arrakis for Security in Broadband and Telephony

  • August 16, 2012

Arrakis deals in telephony, security and ADSL, which is DSL broadband used with telephone lines already in existence, with options as well for Domain Registration. You can see this type of efficiency portrayed in all of the products distributed and manufactured by Arrakis. Packages are available to customers that include high speed ADSL, Internet access in broadband, and, voice at a twenty-four hour flat. This will include Mobile Internet, anti-virus and firewall service. Panda Anti-virus Pro is also included in the quoted price. For example, a two plus four plan hooks up two offices and four phones each for the same flat rate.

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More – Develop Telephony Applications

  • June 10, 2011

Plivo.orgI know this site will come across as just a little too technical, but I recall reviewing no similar resources before and that is why I am eager to have it featured on KillerStartups today. Plivo is basically a new telephony development framework. Using it, anybody will be able to build a telephony application from the ground up. That is, people who are technically-minded will. A Linux (CentOS or Debian) system is needed for Plivo to work as intended, and if you mean to try it know it will take you some time to have everything mastered. Yet, the rewards will be felt almost immediately as Plivo will let you come up with telephony applications of just any kind.

Simple click-to-call systems, voice-mail systems, IRVs… it is all creatable using Plivo. As a matter of fact, Plivo makes it possible to build fully-featured call center applications. It is just a matter of getting into the swing of things, and having the time to work things out.

Plivo can be used for free. Setup should not take you longer than 20 minutes, half an hour at most. And you will be guided all the way through.

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More – Technical Answers

  • March 13, 2009

Tech-Faq.comAre you looking for the best articles and tutorials about a wide variety of technological topics? If you are doing that, on you will feel very comfortable.

This is the place where you can find articles on very interesting topics, as well as the latest web tools, etc.

In reference to other options, it must be said that this site provides a blogging service, as well as free photo editing software, in addition to many other things.

There are articles about IT Management, as well as scientific information, in addition to audio, multimedia, etc. If you are interested in mobile phones, you have reached the right online resource. gives you the possibility to get very attractive cell phone reviews by manufacturer.

For instance if you need to know anything about Motorola cell phones, as well as Samsung, Nokia, LG and other important brands, this is the right site for you to do that.

This is will be a very useful site if you are looking for information about technology. Give it a try wherever you want, it is recommended.

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More – Free Calls From Your Own Phone

  • November 28, 2008 is a new calling service that allows users to make free phone calls from their own phone to most of the world.

In order to make a phone call all that a user has to do is go to the website, enter their own telephone number and the number they wish to call, and the system connects them. You can use a landline or a cell phone to speak, something which makes PokeTalk a bit different than other services.

With PokeTalk there is no need for special equipment as you don’t actually use your computer to speak through. The reason that a phone-to-phone system was chosen is because it allows for the highest quality of sound, as well as non-reliance on an internet connection once the call is activated.

The reason that the service is free is that there is advertising on the screen that pays for the call. The ads are non-obtrusive and don’t interfere with the call in any way. PokeTalk allows you to make up to a 10 minute call to more than 55 countries around the world. An important note is that you have a limited amount of calls you can make per month. You can only make 50 calls each month but at the beginning of the next, this number is renewed.

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More – Make Free Internet Phone Calls

  • October 17, 2008
EvaPhone provides free internet phone calls. This is achieved by using VoIP call solutions – that is, a service that enables the user to make PC-to-phone calls with no charge whatsoever.

Site users can actually choose between free and paid calls – the latter come without the advertisements inherent to free calls. In both cases there is no need to download anything, and the call is handled by keying in the relevant number using the provided widget. As far as hardware is concerned, you need to have a microphone with speakers or (better still) a headset.

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More – Telephony Magazine Online

  • July 9, 2008

TelephonyOnline.comTelephony is a publication that covers the latest news and developments in the world of telecommunications. Its online incarnation can be reached at TelephonyOnline.

com, and it provides the visitor with a good overview of the magazine and its tone via the featured articles. The site itself is subdivided in sections such as “Global”, “Ethernet”, “Broadband” and “Wireless”, and popular articles are highlighted on the main page for browsing convenience along with the latest news. Information on the current issue of the magazine can be found in the corresponding section, too. A search tool is also featured, and it can be used to find specific items straightaway. For its part, the Telephony website collects together resources such as a calendar of events and a section entitled “JobZone” which acts as a jobs board. Information on how to subscribe to the print version of the magazine can be found online as well.

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More – Telecommunications Providers And More

  • May 14, 2008

Excel.comThe world of business is moving quickly towards an information based environment. In such a world, information is in fact money.

The more quickly and efficiently that you or your firm can digest information will lead to increased profits and a strategic jump on the rest of the players in the industry. is a site for the Excel Telecommunications firm. This site specializes in featuring all the various telephony services that Excel Telecommunications provides to end users. Whether you are looking for ways to maximize your domestic or international long distance calling capability or just simply looking to launch your web conferencing abilities, this site can help you to define your best strategic option through their services. This site will help your firm to become more profitable by offering cutting edge and high quality telephony services. And, the site also offers residential customers the same types of services with respect to Internet service and long distance dialing. If you are looking for telephony services and consulting, then has the complete package.

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More – Telephony Down Under

  • April 18, 2008 is an exciting land of adventure and beautiful coastline. Of course, there are more than just kangaroos and boomerangs down there.

If you are planning on re-locating to Australia for business, then is a site that can help you plan ahead for your voice and data necessities. is an Australian firm that specializes in serving the market down under with high quality telephony services. This site has all the information that you need in order to make your next choice for voice and data solutions. This site contains many different types of voice and data products for both residential and commercial applications. For existing customers, there is also the luxury of being able to manage your account from the online portal. If you are on a budget you can even select from the basic dial up services that the company offers. delivers the critical product information to help make existing customer’s and prospective customer’s telephony choices.

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More – Communications For Business

  • April 16, 2008

Humanclick.comFor small and medium sized business communication costs are always a consideration. Humanclick.

com has solutions that are based on a software platform that will help to help benefit sales and to reduce personnel needs with their online support capabilities. Essentially, provides software for businesses that enables them to take advantage of the power of VoIP to enhance their sales potential by increasing revenue, shortening the sales cycle, and by creating more customer loyalty. On the internal side, the software also allows businesses to reduce some of their cost by utilizing the chat functions instead of 1-800 numbers and by allowing operators to handle multiple chats simultaneously. Moreover, the software can be utilized over Mac or PC platforms so integration is not a problem. With email, click to talk, and knowledge base technology to manage all your online interactions, the balance sheet for the company will begin to look a lot more red than black.

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More – Affordable International Calls

  • April 5, 2008

MobileTalk.Packet8.netInternational calls making a dent in your pocketbook? MobileTalk from Packet8 will get you cheaper rates without all the dressed up frills. The app works by looping your calls through VoIP, thereby cutting costs by 90%.

It’s really too easy to use. Set up takes a few minutes, but from there, every thing else is a breeze. You download the app to your phone, and then proceed with your calls as you normally would. When you make an international call MobileTalk will immediately route the call through their network, getting you a local number, and making your calls really cheap. You’re billed via credit card for your minutes. Calls to the UK run about 2 cents a minute, with Germany, Mexico, China and Australia close behind at 3 cents per minute—about the same rates you’d get with calling cards. You can track your calls online. The app is available for over 450 phone models including Blackeberry, Treo, Nokia, and Samsung.

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More – SVMS A Step Above Text Messaging

  • March 28, 2008

BubbleMotion.comStartup BubbleMotion is looking to take over the voice SMS market with their Bubble TALK click, talk and send voice messaging service. This is basically an alternative to your type and text SMS.

It’s easily deployed making use of voice circuits and USSD; it can be dispersed world wide in a short period of time. BubbleTALK is device and transport agnostic which means anyone can use it. It utilizes the internet to transport messages between networks and operators, which means it’s cost effective, as those connections have already been made. Set up is easy for customers, and messages are billed like regular SMS.

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More – Communications Company

  • February 27, 2008

Videotron.comDo you want to have the best communication services ever? Do you need a new internet connection for your house or your company? Then you might want to take a look at this site and see what it can do for you because it could be just what you are looking for. This site offers different communication services such as internet, telephony and much more, assuring quality among other interesting stuff.

Being able to hire the different services in only one company, you can get the same services in only one bill. Having a very simple layout with the information clearly divided into specific categories, this site helps you find the desired information with just one click. So if you want to pay the television, telephone and internet connection all in one, then head to this site.

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More – Revolutionary Web-based Telephony

  • February 17, 2008

Jajah.comSave some money when using your phone. A revolutionary invention will change the way you have you used your phone and internet so far at the same time.

Probably you have heard or perhaps used Skype. If so you are familiar with that kind of technology which is voice over IP that will enable you have a marvelous communication experience. Let me summarize for you the simple steps required in order to do a simple call: type in your phone number, type in your friends’ phone number and click on the button call. That should do it for you. Now what you have to do is just waiting for the phone to ring and speak up. You need to register but the signup process is significantly easy. Is the phone ringing already? Then pick up or better click on ok, one of your friends is probably calling you.

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More – Have Your Say Without Paying the Rates

  • November 15, 2007

Lypp.comVancouver based startup Lypp, wants to save you money on your phone calls. They use Instant Messaging to connect your calls to your landline or mobile number, which means you won’t have pay long distance charges in the States and Canada.

When making a call, your phone rings first but you’ll be automatically connected to anyone in North America. Using Lypp you can make conference calls to all of your contacts or just a select few. To get started you’ll need to download an IM client if you haven’t already got one on your phone; next choose an ID and add Lypp as buddy. After that, you’ll need to choose a plan. For $9.95 you’ll get 250 minutes (sign up before the end of November and they’ll add an extra 100 minutes). It works with Gtalk, Yahoo, MSN and AIM.

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More – The Telephony Revolution

  • October 9, 2007

Voodoovox.comVoodoovox is endeavoring to improve telephony in all possible ways, but mostly for the business invested. They offer ad-supported telephony solutions for high call volume businesses, ad agencies, and publishers.

Their In-Call network, they claim, will be the next ‘breakthrough advertising channel’. Companies using Voodoovox will be able to directly reach their consumers in a precise and timely manner. So what exactly is their innovative and pioneering proposition? Audio ads. For example, Voodoovox can insert audio spots directly into a company’s callstream; instead of hearing vapid hold music and cyclic apologetic messages, callers will hear targeted, engaging ads. They’ve got three main products: RadioVoodoo, myVox for social networking, and On-hold network their inspired solution for ameliorating the on-hold situation.

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More – Community for Free Communication

  • August 21, 2007

OpenWengo.orgOpenWengo, a VoIP community from France, intends to develop free SIP telephony for everyone to use. The goal is to use completely open-source components in order to build communications software which is accessible to anyone.

As such, they make use of existing software as much as possible; thus they build on top of existing projects in an effort to distribute their work to everyone. OpenWengo’s latest achievement is the WengoPhone which lets users make free PC to PC video/voice calls, integrating all your contacts into one easily accessible space. They also offer very affordable PC to telephone and SMS services. If you want to get involved and contribute with open communications, OpenWengo’s the place to go. Developers can take part and develop products beneficial to everyone. They can share and discuss solutions and spread the beauty that is opensource.

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More – The Revolution in Communications

  • July 22, 2007

Ooma.comJust as consumers all over the world transformed the functionality of their television through TiVo and their music with the iPod, Ooma will change the way users currently. This Ooma System, which’s functionalities havn’t been totally disclosed yet, is a promising Killer (Odds are 2:1), and consists basically in making long-distance calls from existing phones, via a peer-to-peer solution.

It is a system that includes the hardware and the software. An ooma system in your home includes the ooma Hub™ connected to your broadband connection and your primary phone, and an ooma Scout™ for each additional active phone extension you use in your house. Some of the features that have been disclosed so far (all this ooma stuff is public since July, 19th), are an instant second line, a broadband answering machine, a unique Ooma dial tone for each user, and the ooma Lounge, which provides consumers with the ability to manage their voice mail and call settings online
Right now, they are in the invitation only private BETA – by the way, the software to use this Ooma System is called White Rabbit – but you can sign up to “be the first to purchase ooma”, and you will get a notification once it is publicly released. Thought even the names of the system and software are cool? Here’s the answer to that: may I introduce the creative director from ooma to you, Mr. Ashton Kutcher.

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