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Askteens.co.uk – The teenage business consultants!

  • March 30, 2008

Askteens is a forum for teenagers with a twist. The actual point behind it is to build up a community of teenagers by attracting them with may different interesting forum topics.

Once askteens has got some teenagers involved in the community it aims to become a teenage consulting site. Where companies or individual’s who need some information about teenage activity on the net, or want some teenagers advice on a new product they are about to launch. It can all be asked and achieved at askteens.co.uk. Teenagers can also submit nice business ideas, or new websites and get lots of different suggestions from a worldwide young audience.

It is managed by a young CEO 17 year old Ed Nash, who currently manages many different websites with a broad portfolio from domain squatting to media search engines. He also has a wide range of friends of the same caliber to refer to (other young entrepreneurs of a teenage age). You can be sure that the advice you will get back is of the hightest quality.

The website was started as Ed Nash was appointed consultant of publishing company who are going to expand book publishing to a new level, with websites for each book e.t.c, They needed a young innovative person who knows how this can work, and what the young teenage audience are actively doing online.

Try it out at www.askteens.co.uk

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