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  • October 2, 2008

Technotip.orgTechnotip is a blog that aims to provide its readers with a thorough understanding of technology, viewing the different aspects of life in a technical light. The site’s main interests revolve around topics like the blogging community, bloggers health, and the solutions to the problems they might face both on a daily basis and on a longer term.

All the usual blog features are included, and the blog highlights the latest articles and interviews on its main page. Remarkable posts can also be found under the “Featured Article” heading, whereas the posts that have attracted the most attention are grouped under the “Most Discussed” banner.

Navigation options include the ever-present list of categories, which in this case is broken down into items such as “Social Networking, “Google”, “Traffic” and related keywords inherent to the nature of a blog like this.

As it is also the case with blogs, you can subscribe to e-mail updates and learn about the latest blog developments. Updates via RSS are likewise featured.

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