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  • November 10, 2010

TechLimelight.comTech Limelight is an aggregator of news that actually takes after sites such as Twitter and Wikipedia as much as it takes after Digg itself. On Tech Timelight, all the content is submitted and rated by users, and once it has been submitted it is organized around topic pages which are called limelights. Users can begin following these limelights that they find interesting, and discover new content in an instant way.

As it is always the case with aggregators like this one, you can arrange the items that have been posted based on how recently they have been added to the site and how popular they have proven to be.

Also, an extensive list of categories is provided for you to maximize the time you stay on Tech Limelight. These include electronics, computers, phones, software, video games… anything that a techie (or any person who needs tech guidance) could need is bound to be here.

And the site also boasts a product finder that is certain to make shopping for anything that you come across on the site and like a much easier task.

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