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More – Web Hosting and Internet Access at

  • July 19, 2012 offers a complete range of Internet services, including dial-up accounts, web site development and hosting. Their experienced staff is available to help customers establish a web presence for their businesses. They also offer Internet accounts for the home user if they want to email, chat or just surft around. is the premier choice for Internet service.

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More – IT Support For Small Businesses

  • March 9, 2010

Kinetix.comThis is a company that specializes in providing tech support for small businesses located in the San Francisco Bay Area and Portland, Oregon. Named Kinetix, it intends to answer each and every IT question that might cross your head, and let you figure out to which extent the equipment that you have is the suitable one for your enterprise.

In this way, you would be able to determine the impact that technology really has on your business. Reducing technology expenses can only lead to reducing business expenses in due turn.

The approach taken by Kinetix is what they call “Dynamic Technology Management”, and upon going through five different steps it will let you determine the relation that there is between technology and the degree of success that your company is having. These steps go from a total analysis of your current IT expenses and the creation of a suitable IT budget to regular service reviews afterwards. You can read more about such a process on the site, of course. And you can also schedule a free meeting if you want to have an even clearer insight on the way it all works.

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More – Tech Support At Your Fingertips

  • September 14, 2009

TechRuckus.comTechnology is not for everybody, but the fact is that we have to deal with it on a daily basis no matter how tech-savvy or clumsy we are. And at an increasing rate at that.

Keeping in mind an online repository like the one under review right now is a good idea, then. In essence, it collects information which is supplied by users all around the world as regards a wide-ranging collection of technological issues.

For example, there is information on how to install most software applications currently doing the rounds, not to mention how to keep them in good working order once they have been installed. There is also a fair share of talk regarding mobile devices and how to sync them among many other concerns. And there are also lists that go by names such as “Ten reasons why people will upgrade to Windows 7” and “105 Twitter applications for PR professionals”.

Using the site is completely inexpensive, and note that there is even a “jobs” category for those contributors who want to turn their knowledge into an active asset.

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More – Fixing Your Tech Problems

  • December 8, 2008

MyTechQuestion.comAre you having problems with your computer? If you’re not tech savvy and don’t know how to fix the problems on your own, it may be time to contact tech support. At MyTechQuestion.

com you can send in your technical query by filling out a questionnaire located on the site, and they’ll get back to you with the support you need.

This technical support team will fix your computer problems by remotely connecting to your computer. You can also ask questions relating to any technical issues or technology doubts you may have, and they will be more than happy to give you a hand.

No matter what computer problem you’re having, this tech service will try their best to make sure it’s resolved as quickly as possible. charges you one dollar per minute, making the service particularly affordable. The best part as a client is that if they cannot solve your problem, you won’t be charged.

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More – Quick Tech Support

  • June 17, 2008

MinuteFix.comIf you have tech problems, MinuteFix is here for you. This web-based service provides tech support for numerous programs and techy headaches, including iTunes, virus issues, Microsoft Office, Windows Vista, and many more.

The service runs at $0.99 per minute, but guarantees if the MinuteFix support engineers can’t solve it, you don’t pay. There is no minimum fee users must pay, so even the simplest of questions can be answered. The MinuteFix experts walk users step by step through their problem, ensuring that the problem is solved, and even providing the information to the user so that he or she may solve the problem on his or her own in the future.

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More – Electronic Network

  • April 18, 2008 is the Oregon Public Electronic Network site, a program supported by many in the Salem Public Library, is putting to an end this June.

No longer accepting new subscribers, the older subscribers still have until the end of this June, having time to see their websites statistics, hoping it becomes a hit. With suggestions on how to make and how not to make a successful website, with a page-tutor and an introduction; assisting you as well with information on images and backgrounds, and image maps. Including the introduction of CGI support, design with Mackintosh or Windows, Virtual domains, and explaining the importance of using password protection, and even suggesting some reliable sites. In the Tech Support Area, it helps enormously with the billing, the dial up issues, e-mail, security, free software, among others. Offering information that will make things easier, with the top support pages or other supporting resources, assisting in many daily difficulties any one can have.

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More – Your Starting Point For Support Info

  • March 31, 2008

Support-101.comLooking for technical support information? If so, you should consider visiting, a site where you will find links that will lead you to the best pages when it comes to technical support.

Would you like to solve your PC issues on your own without having to call a technician and, therefore, saving money? Then, search the links provided and get computer checkup and diagnostics that will help you detect and fix common problems in your PC. If buying a computer is what you have in mind, browse the links and find pages where you can compare and buy computers saving lots of money. Every time you click on one particular category, you get related links so that you can keep searching for information, in case you would like to. If you are looking for technical support and technical information, don´t hesitate to visit the site and see the different options offered in order to help you out.

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More – Trusted Advice from Real People

  • March 1, 2008

Bitwine.comIt’s happened to all of once (if not daily): you’re comfortably working, writing or going about your business and suddenly you come across the tiniest of problems: your keyboard has switched to another language, you can’t seem to get the margins for a Word document right, or maybe you designed something and want it reviewed by an expert before submitting it to your client. The internet has always been a great way to solve these kinds of problems, and as per the launch of Bitwine.

com, it’s even more so: this new service allows users to get in touch with advisors, that is, people who are particularly savvy in any field of human agency and creation, and who will review your stuff, provide help, tips, advice, support, and perform a number of tasks over a chat app (and over skype as well). Using is free, but your advisors may request payment for their services (usually after you have made sure this person can help you), and have different going rates.

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More – Irish Broadband Service Provider

  • January 28, 2008

Eircom.netEircom is an Irish Broadband Service Provider which provides subscription-free, local rate access with unlimited e-mail addresses and 20 MB webspace. In this site, which is mainly targeted at final users and prospective customers, visitors will find extensive product information, links to the corporate site and a series of channels (music, entertainment, sports) from which users can find selected content.

Take a look at the local phone book available from the site, access your webmail, or get a copy of your bill and pay it online through this site. Interested users will find lots of useful information on internet safety, and product and services offered by this company that can help its customers reduce navigational hazards; should they still have doubts, the tech and customer support services can be contacted via mail or live chat.

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More – UK internet provider

  • December 14, 2007

Freeuk.comFree UK is a broadband Internet service provider available in most areas of the UK. This site is homepage for the company and in it you will be able to find just about anything you need to know when looking into buying their services, price-comparison tools and customer care as well.

When signing up as a customer you will get 25Mb of webspace, unlimited e-mail addresses and newsgroup access. Among the many features you will be able to find in are product and contracts information, general troubleshooting for internet services, tutorials on several internet and FTP-related subjects plus information on product recycling.

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More – Internet, phone & cable provider

  • December 12, 2007

Bresnan Communications offers digital cable, high speed internet and digital voice services to people in the Rocky Mountain area. It currently serves more than 300,000 subscribers in Montana, Wyoming, Utah and Colorado. And its website ( tells you everything about the company, the prices it charges and the benefits of actually becoming one of its customers.

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More – Professional broadband

  • December 9, 2007 Online is a broadband Internet service provider available in most areas of the UK. This site is homepage for the company and in it you will be able to find just about anything you need to know when looking into buying their services, price-comparison tools and customer care as well.

Among the many features you will be able to find in are product and contracts information, general troubleshooting for internet services, how-to’s on several internet-related subjects plus information on product recycling.

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More – Internet, phone & cable provider

  • December 8, 2007

Wowway.netWow is an Internet, phone & cable service provider in the US states of Illinois, Indiana, Michigan and Ohio. This site is homepage for the company and in it you will be able to find just about anything you need to know when looking into buying their services, and customer care as well.

Among the many features you will be able to find in are general troubleshooting for internet and phone services, plus user guides for all the standard gadgets the company supplies to its customers as part of their service, like remote controls, hand phones and quick reference to standard internet tools. The site also allows online payment options, and for those customers who are inclined to more traditional methods, it supplies a bill payment location list.

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More – Online Tech Support

  • October 28, 2007 is dedicated to providing you with tech support, manuals, and troubleshooting. On this site you can ask for support for any kind of problem you could have with different products. You just have to send your question and wait for the answer. In that way, you can find solutions to any problem.

Do you have problems with any product? Would you like to get some help with this kind of problems? If that is the case, could be of your interest. On this site you can get tech support for all kind of product problems. In addition, you can find reliable recommendations on different products. Remember to visit next time you need troubleshooting help.

To sum up, whenever you need to get help to solve problems with any product, you can stop by and make your questions online. This site offers tech support, manuals and solutions for a wide variety of problems.

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More – Get Tech Support

  • October 21, 2007

AskDaveTaylor.comAre you tired of never getting the right answers on your TV, computer or other appliance’s manuals? Are you confused when changing from a PC to a Mac? Then go to

This website provides you with the answers to all your questions about technology. Whether you’re switching from a Mac to a PC or the other way around, you want to know how to create a picture slideshow for your Facebook profile, how to add a custom ringtone to your Apple iPhone or how to take a screenshot on your Mac, you will get the answers in a daily blog format. All you have to do is click on the button appearing on the upper right hand corner and fill out the form with you email, your name, a category (Mac Os X, Online Advertising, Windows, the Writing business, Creating Cool HTML 4 pages and Parenting and Kids), then you will proceed to write a message explaining your problem or question and all that is left is waiting. Since Dave gets many questions daily, your waiting time might end up being a month, but if you need hep right away, for 99 dollars, you will be guaranteed immediate answer within 2 business days.

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