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9 Resources To Help You Brush Up On Your Tech Skills

  • April 29, 2013

As a co-founder, I’m obviously biased, but having taught myself all of the technical skills needed to run multiple online businesses, the School has been designed to help ease this process for others. With a Skills Library of tutorials, plus in-depth courses for the most common online tools, students have…

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  • April 2, 2009

ITezer.comITezer is a new community site that revolves around a blogging platform letting users share their insight on the topic at hand, namely IT related issues. It is not completely inaccurate, then, to label it a community portal that is geared towards tech savvy people, and which has contents that are wholly-user generated.

These deal with aspects such as up-and-coming technologies along with different usage methods and tips as regards different software applications.

The provided blog system plays a stimulation role, and it aims to entice members to write better and more helpful how-to’s, tips, news and reviews. Future plans of the team behind this initiative include the option to make donations, so that authors can be rewarded for their articles by any user via text message, PayPal or balance on ITezer itself.

Likewise, the team hopes to implement the ability to create blogs which can be read by subscribing to them, alongside corporate blogs where any company can post its news and most recent developments.

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