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More – IT’s Newest Best Friend: A Search Engine

  • November 20, 2007

Paglo.comHow do you solve a tech problem at the office? Call the IT guy. Or may be not.

With Paglo you can search for and find the solution to innumerable technical problems, giving your tech guy a much needed break. Paglo is an on-demand search tool which is freely available for anyone to use. For internal search purposes, Paglo has also created a downloadable, open source crawler which can run on your network from any desktop computer. It crawls your network gathering information which is then uploaded to your private Paglo Search Index. Only authorized individuals can use your Paglo account. For daily updates, there’s a dashboard which is refreshed automatically as it receives new data. Dashboards can be tailored to meet your specific needs—start by running a query and transform the results into a graph or chart then embed it on your dashboard. Alternately, use Paglo’s premade templates. Registration is free.

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