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  • October 7, 2007

Techguidedirect.comIf you’re searching for some of the latest news on technology, music, or electronics (mainly PC), is the answer.

The website contains four main sections: Digital Music, Mobile Technology, Technology News, and Technology Videos. Once you’ve clicked on one of these, right on the same page, news will be displayed. It’s quite an easy-to-handle website, simple and direct. When clicking on your news of preference another window opens with the content of the news. At the end of the text you’ll find more linked news, and other kind of tech info, so you’ll find yourself reading just about every news they got. You’ll find news and info on futuristic cars, prototypes, PC Mags, electronic or digital gadgets that are yet to come; from battery cells to communications, you name it. But this simplicity might not be enough. A very important feature is missing here: Search. If you’re looking for specific news you must look on their news display one-by-one, if not there, then you must enter one of the news that might resemble what you’re after, and search for similar news. But by this time you probably left the PC. Anyway, if you’re looking for the top news on tech, you can check it out.

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