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Google For Entrepreneurs Fostering Innovation… OUTSIDE The Valley

  • October 9, 2013

So, I definitely poured a little bit of haterade on Google last week in my article about how they’re killing innovation in Silicon Valley. While I stand by that 100%, I figured I could show the other side of that same coin today by informing you guys about some innovation-fostering that Google is doing…


Top 10 Movie List For Tech Entrepreneurs To Learn From

  • July 30, 2012

The original “Wall Street” (1987) movie is a classic, as is “Scarface” (watch your ego!), and “The Corporation” — a documentary that chronicles what happens when you give a corporation the same legal rights as a person, but none of the same responsibilities or accountability. “The Matrix” – This movie is iconic among technologists and entrepreneurs. It is a film that celebrates futuristic technologies, and there are abstract parallels between “The One” and being a fearless entrepreneur. Both lead a company along the right path and must bob in and out of dangers in the “matrix” of the (business) world.