6 Ways to Foster Better Collaboration in the Workplace

  • July 30, 2019

“Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.” – Henry Ford

Collaboration is a vital part of building a business. If the company encourages collaboration your team members will feel a part of something much bigger than themselves. This creates an environment in which people can communicate effectively, innovate to solve problems, and work cohesively.

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Top Tips For Productive Delegation

  • May 22, 2014

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Simplify Teamwork With Volerro Content Collaboration Platform

  • January 17, 2013

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More – Online Collaboration Tool

  • January 31, 2012

The online desktop and office tools are a great contribution for team work for groups in which members are far away from each other. is one of these online offices, with some interesting features to bear in mind.

Other examples of this kind of tools are Google Docs, created by Google, or, also reviewed in, which you can read about here. The good thing about is that you can share your files and projects with others, without them having to be registered as users. This will contribute to save time because others can use the online tools right away without undergoing a registration process.

The advantage gained by using this kind of services is proven already. They take out the pressure of sending back and forth big files through e-mail, not to mention the confusion that multiple files generated by each end user will create. That difficulty is overcome by users accessing to the same file and making the necessary comments or changes directly on it. Almost every kind of files may be uploaded, such as jpg or pdf formats, spreadsheets, and many others. This assures that Collabor8online will be a useful tool for a wide variety of users and different kinds of projects.

You can use the‘s service through different pricing plans, with more or less features according to the one you choose. The Premium service is available for ?49, which is about $75. The Hosted category is available for ?25 ($38) although it doesn’t include some features such as Comments & Discussions, or Project Calendars.

One way or another, anyone will get a good help by managing any kind of projects through this online office.

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More – Easy Project Management

  • September 16, 2011

Pelotonics.comA new online project management application, Pelotonics makes it really simple for team managers to ensure their subordinates are going to get tasks done when they should. Pelotonics works in a way not far removed from other applications like AceProject, JetFolders and GetQuantify – you can create projects, you can assign different members of your team to them, you can keep track of how likely milestones are to be reached in time… and it’s all done using a simple web interface. That is, you are enabled to keep your every project in check using your web browser. And integration with Google Docs and Evernote means that team members are enabled to collaborate both largely and naturally.

Pelotonics is a paid application, and so many plans are already available that everybody is sure to be catered for – freelancers, small business owners, those in charge of large organizations… Pricing starts at $9 per month (“Personal), and it goes all the way to $199 (“Unlimited”). And a free trial is available, too. It’s limited to only two projects, but it should give you a reasonable understanding of the better points of Pelotonics.

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More – Collaborate With Your Team

  • June 29, 2011

Conceptboard.comA new productivity tool, Conceptboard lets distributed team work and collaborate together as if there were no geographical barriers holding them apart. Users of this cool application are allowed to share documents with all the people who are in their same team, and discuss all that needs to be discussed for the fulfilment of any task. And this can be done for free to begin with – a basic account can be created at no cost. If you need more features (like being able to use a larger number of boards to organize everything) then you can go for any of the two professional plans that are available.

But what I want you to understand, now, is that a system like Conceptboard lends itself to more than professional uses. People like you and me can use it to share anything that we need to have shared with a friend, such as a shopping, a recipe or a short story we have written. Granted, such uses are not the prototypical ones for this application. But they are also viable, and should not be dismissed out of hand.

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More – The Planning Of Projects Simplified

  • January 18, 2010

iPlanner.netiPlanner is a new solution that brings business planning online, effectively letting teams contribute to any project remotely. The whole application is a web-based one, and there is nothing to download or install.

There are likewise no off-line files that have to be exchanged. Every iPlanner business plan has a dedicated website of its vey own (that is, its own URL) and the whole premise is that of letting project members employ a “what if” simulation is order to study the different outcomes of any scenario.

Teams of every denomination could benefit from such a platform – not only entrepreneurs and business professionals can use it. Universities and other organizations will also be able to maximise it for sure.

There are four different service levels to choose from, and these include a free one for you to get to know the application better. This free plan is somehow limited (only one project for 30 days), and if you do find iPlanner useful you can go for any of the three paid plans on offer: “Entry Level Project Owner”, “Professional Workspace Administrator” and “ProfessionalPlus Workspace Administrator”. There are no recurring monthly payments. You will pay a one-off fee according to the individual setup you have chosen, and based on the actual number of projects you are aiming for.

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More – Collaborate With Others Over The Web

  • November 23, 2009

ProjectDo.comThis is one of these popular web-based tools that will let you manage any project of yours in a clear and organized way. In this particular case, the site (which is available in English, German and Spanish) will let you coordinate the activities of workforce which is scattered across the globe easily.

The site makes it easy for you to keep a close eye on what each team member is doing and follow up on any milestone that is reached. Tasks can be created along with predecessors so that everything is completed in the sequence that should be completed, and messaging capabilities are accounted for by way of a tool which is not dissimilar to Word.

Of course, the site also makes it possible for you to upload any file that appertains to your projects and letting those within your team access them right when they are needed.

The site has recently launched, and until the end of the year it can be tested out for free. You can create an account that comes complete with unlimited storage and bandwidth as well as an unlimited number of members. If you want to try it out, this is a good time to do it.

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More – A New Collaborative Wiki Environment

  • October 15, 2009

CCText.netPresented by a company that hails from Hong Kong, CCText is a wiki cloud service that is theoretically beneficial to companies of every size and denomination, no matter whether they are just starting out and only a couple of people are employed, or whether the company is already a well-established one and more than a hundred individuals work there.

The objective of any wiki is that of providing users with a clean and simple experience that facilitates communication and interaction among those who are involved, and CCText does not fail to deliver in that sense.

Files can be uploaded and a media box is there to let you ensure the content in question will be accessible by everybody. Besides, a toolbar is provided for immediate reference, whereas real time previews of users’ activity are already functional. Of course, every change that is made to the workspace can be tracked down, discussed and edited.

CCText is wholly browser-hosted. The data is stored on Amazon Web Services, and that means unlimited file storage space is provided, too.

If you are a GoogleApps user you can get started in a truly direct way. If you are not, you can learn all there is to know about creating an account (and also how much will it cost) in the pertinent section of the site.

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More – Coordinating Distributed Workforce

  • March 12, 2009

eManagr.comeManagr is one of these popular tools that enables anybody to coordinate the efforts of workforce that is scattered across different locations. Tools like this one make for tracking the evolution of any given project and also for managing the actual structure of the team itself – that is, members can be both added and removed according to the evolution of the project, and so forth.

As it was to be expected from a solution like this one, the leader can make a list of priorities and receive status updates and notifications when specific events come to be, thus automating the process as much as possible and focusing on the actual work itself. These notifications include alert alarms when anything goes awry, so that he can take the best course of action to deal with that on the spot.

When it comes to workers, they benefit from a system that will let them see what their most important tasks are and also fix their schedules should they lag behind and need to catch up.

In principle, this solution can be tested at no cost. An updated version that comes complete with an additional set of functionalities is also available, so that if you like the basic features you know you can always go one step beyond.

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More – Project Management Solution

  • February 24, 2009

SaikuApp.comSaiku offers simple and easy-to-use team collaboration software. At this moment, some of its most notable features include a full scheduler with dates and costs along with an individual website for each project you have to handle.

Of course, files can be stored and there is unlimited storage space, and free maintenance is also provided by the Saiku team.

Furthermore, a web chart is included along with wiki notes and pages for further reference, and RSS feeds for everybody to keep track of all activity are thankfully included as well.

This software is wholly web-based, and it will soon be available on both iPhone and open-source versions, so that those who wish to adapt it in order to fully suit their needs will be able to do so easily. At any rate, the current version will already accommodate different activities, so that enterprises of different denomination such as companies, organizations and even clubs will benefit from such a solution. Signing up and using this service is also completely free, so that if you want to have a place for your team on the web this solution will be perfect for you.

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More – Military Careers

  • March 15, 2008

Todaysmilitary.comIf you are interested in enrolling to the United States military service , might be a good site to bear in mind. On this site you can you can get data about the Air Force, Navy and Marine Corps. Today’s Military offers information about benefits you can get before serving.

In addition to that, this website provides you with data on entrance requirements, jobs for the Army and training programs , as well as information regarding ASVAB test, Officer Candidate School and the Military colleges available nationwide. gives you information about military education centers and military training.

Therefore, next time you need information and resources about the US ARMY and military service, you can try this website out. gives you the chance to get data about navy jobs, military loans and Army payments, in addition to military discounts and tuition support.

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More – Prioritizing Your Projects

  • November 20, 2007 offers you an option that will help you and your business become more organized and productive.

TeamWorkpm is a project management application that helps organize your projects so you can execute them more efficiently and keep track of their progress. TeamWorkpm can be used on an individual level or a team level in a business. With TeamWorkpm you can make a list of your projects and create a calendar with important dates, such as deadlines and meetings. You can highlight special projects and see when certain deadlines or goals have not been accomplished or finished. features tools that allow you to jump from project to project and give you quick access to tabs across projects. You can customize your application by adding your company logo. TeamWorkpm offers 6 different management applications that range from $149 a month to free and feature 50,000Mb of storage to 5Mb. Basically TeamWorkpm offers applications that are good for personal uses and for businesses. helps you organize your project and prioritize.

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