More – Accessing Customized & Relevant News

  • November 26, 2009

TeamStream.comAccessing the latest news is becoming not only easier but also more enticing by the day. A case in point: the TeamStream startup.

Broadly speaking, it is a service whereby you can customize the way you receive such information not only when it boils down to personal uses but also as far as those you work with are concerned. That is, the system (which is currently in public beta) is usable within organizations in order to let their members have streamlined access to these items that could appertain to them without distractions of any kind. Of course, tools for commenting (and annotating) the news are provided along with the resources for weighing up analytical information and sentiment.

By default, the user receives over 1,000 preloaded news feeds which are hand-picked and monitored in order to ensure not just the relevance of the content but also the quality. It goes without saying that customized channels on relevant topics can be easily created.

If the above sounded good and compatible with the way you want to approach information, you can create an account on the site and give it a good try in person. The service is free during the current beta period.

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