More – Use Gantt Charts

  • June 14, 2011

TeamGantt.comThis new tool turns working with Gantt charts into the easiest thing in the world. Users of this web application are enabled to manage their every project using such charts, and to share what they are doing in real time with all of their friends, collaborators and coworkers. Users of TeamGantt can create permissions for each user, and then modify them as the person becomes a more integral part of the team. The creator of the chart will be able to add and lift restrictions according to what is expected of each person that is collaborating with him.

Software developers, design companies, planners of events… these are some of the most obvious candidates for a web tool like TeamGantt. They will boost their efficiency to no end thanks to a service like this one. And the same can be said about any person that has to plan a project of any kind in great detail. Having the project in Gantt view is more than surely going to let him set down his priorities, and ensure everything is dealt with at the right time.

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