More – Get Team Tasks Done

  • March 13, 2011

TeamDoer.comTeam Doer is a project management application in which everything is kept really simple. Basically, users of Team Doer are enabled to set down all these tasks that have to get done, and then share them with their colleagues via email.

That is, assuming they are putting Team Doer to professional uses. A tool that is as simple as this one can effectively be employed for arranging social activities, and making it clear who should bring what to a party, for example. And a fact is a fact: large organizations will go for a more powerful project management application – one that has been around for longer, and that has more developed collaboration features.

Still, it is clear that small development teams will find this application useful. Any group that simply needs to create to-dos and have them shared among its members will.

Team Doer is still in early beta, but it can be used by just anybody. And nothing has to be paid.

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