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  • May 13, 2008

Teamap.comIn order to like this site and find it useful, you must love tea and tea rooms. Teamap.

com is an online directory with almost every existing tea room in the United States. First, you select on the map, on the slide bar menu, or by entering the zip code the sate and city you want to search in. This will give you the list of all the tea rooms available on that area. Each one displays pictures, description, and reviews by the website. Also, every user can submit their own reviews and rate it with stars (from 1 to 5). Also here you will find discussion boards where you can share your thoughts, opinions, or disagreement with other tea lovers. In fact, these forums have already more than 1.400 users registered. Also, you can find here articles and critics opinions on types of teas and tea rooms. Finally, you can get a free subscription to their email newsletter.

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