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More – A Supple Task Management Solution

  • September 17, 2009

LogMyTask.comGenerally speaking, LogMyTask is a software application that can be used for the tracking of time. It empowers users to quickly figure out much time are they spending on any given task, as well as what their coworkers are spending time on.

This way, it is easy to realize what makes them go slow and act in consequence.

It is all accomplished using a very simple Twitter-like interface, and a calendar that has support for tags is likewise featured for you to keep everything in smooth working order. Besides, a real-time collaborative lifestream will let you see how any team task is evolving, and how far it is from completion.

Ultimately, time is money. Any service that lets you maximize every single minute of the day is (by definition) one that has immediate corporal appeal. Enabling managers to know what their teams are up to and coworkers realize what each one is up to can but increase productivity. Signing up is accomplished in no time at all, too – you simply furnish the prototypical contact and account information, and then you are on your way to become more effective.

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More – Team Work Made Supple

  • July 23, 2009

OpenAtrium.comA site which is available both in English and in Spanish, Open Atrium stands as a space where team members can convene and interact with each other. The programmers actually define it as “an intranet in a box”, and it comes with six distinctive features, to wit: a blog, a wiki, a calendar, a shoutbox, a to-do list, and a dashboard for keeping everything in check.

Note that Open Atrium is presented as a customizable solution, so that if you are interested in having a special or specific functionality implemented you can add it yourself. The provided documentation bears a “How to Build a Feature” section that you can consult to these purposes.

Summing up, if you want your team to coordinate its efforts and gain focus, visiting this site might just as well be a wise idea. You can do so by following the link that is displayed below this entry. Also, if your language is not currently supported and you wish to offer your help I advice you to check the section entitled “Contribute”.

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More – A Research Tool For Teams

  • June 23, 2009

Archivd.comIn general terms, Archivd is a research tool that will enable the different members of a team to save web pages and share them with each other. Archivd automatically extracts images and videos and then groups the data in a host of ways, including by project and by subject.

This way, information can be organized and visualized in a direct way, and every interested party can share the relevant data with others in his group in a time-effective manner. Archivd hopes to reduce unnecessary browsing to and fro by providing a centralized space for discussions and the exchange of information.

The site is available in English, Spanish and French. A trial version is provided for those who want to test the heat of the water before jumping in with both feet. A demo is likewise included for these purposes. You can get started by locating your browser at and seeing whether this is what your team needs or not.

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More – Easy Project Collaboration

  • July 21, 2008

Teamness.comTeamness is a new and innovative online project collaboration platform. Designed to facilitate team work and project completion, this web app requires no installation (it’s entirely web based, so all you need to use it is a computer and an internet connection).

Teamness provides users with centralized communication and single sign on access. Features include task management, messages, file sharing, whiteboards with versions, a search engine, RSS and notifications. All sign ins are encrypted over SSL and your data is never sold or shared with other parties. Projects may only be joined via invitation; each user, furthermore, has an assigned role; a simple permissions mechanism is used to grant appropriate access for every user. All projects may be managed from the Dashboard, which is separated into tabs for different views. Users are able to see lists with overdue milestones from all projects, along with milestones due in the current and next week. New activity, as well as a list with users involved in the project, is also shown within this view. Sign up is free.

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More – Promises to Help You Fulfill Your Goals

  • May 5, 2008

Amazee.comAmazee is a goal oriented site which combines aspects of gaming, collaboration, gtd and project management. It aims to make the process of completing your goals a much more interactive and innovative experience.

Its feature list is extensive, leveraging the power of social media to help users get more done. Features include profiles, teams, project wikis, to-do lists, publishing tools and even the chance to get corporate sponsorship. Within each project there are three levels of participation: editor, administrator and member. Members are the default position. Editors can edit the project news or magazine section which features descriptions and feeds about current projects. Public projects are free, however communication tools are limited. Premium memberships, which are yet to come, will provide additional privacy and messaging options.

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