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TargetProcess.com – Project Management Software

  • November 30, 2007

TargetProcess.comTargetProcess is project management software that helps you and your co-workers communicate and work fluidly. TargetProcess improves communication and allows teams to quickly execute projects by giving companies features that make their work easier. You can communicate fluidly and across teams so that each member knows what to do and can contribute ideas and advice. There is a tracking feature that allows everyone to know the status of the project and when deadlines are set. Progress tracking can be daily seen so that managers can make

adjustments to projects or communicate with team members who need help or assistance. TargetProcess features integrated tests cases, customizable dashboards, bug tracking and more. TargetProcess has specific features that help; project managers, developers, engineers, product owners, and top managers. Become more efficient by using

TargetProcess project management software.

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