TeachMate.org – Teach & Learn Over The Web

  • October 20, 2008

TeachMate.orgIs there something you wish to learn? Is there something you can teach to others? The Internet makes it a doodle, and web services like TeachMate do nothing but remind us of that.

The site self-dubs this approach as a “dating service in education”, and that is a good way to put it: you come across people who are keen on teaching you something in exchange for you teaching them other thing or things.

The actual mechanics of the site are very simple. Basically, you create a profile where you specify what you can teach and what you wish to learn via two boxes, one titled “I want to learn” and other named (you guessed it) “I can teach”. You can use as many tags as you fancy, and once you have submitted this information you will be able to start interacting with others over the web. You can also use the two boxes located on the main page to these ends, and hit the “Find a teachmate” button.

The basic premise of this site, then, is that whoever teaches learns. It is not about making money, it is about building bridges using knowledge as the staring point in the hope that this will provide everybody with the tools and resources for setting new goals and realizing them.

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