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TeachersAndFamilies.com – Teaching Resources

  • May 18, 2008

TeachersAndFamilies.comTeachersAndFamilies.com is a site that provides you with some of the best teaching resources you could possibly find.

The site organizes all the information according to the audience that is addressed to. The categories that you will be able to find here are preschool, k-12 and parents. If you check the preschool section there you will be able to find theme activities, letters & numbers, read with me and nursery rhymes. At the k-12 section you will be able to find study sites, best books and word wonders. Last but not least at the parents section you will be able to find parenting features, gifted & talented, special education and web resources. This site has complete resources for every aspect of teaching, if you are interested in what the site offers and want to use any of the features then all you need to do is to check out TeachersAndFamilies.com, there you will find all you were looking for. TeachersAndFamilies.com

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HomeEducationResources.com – Teaching Resources

  • May 5, 2008

HomeEducationResources.comThis site, homeeducationresources.com is a site for all teachers and parents who intend to home school their children.

Within this site you can find all products necessary for you children or students to learn. There is a products section, where you can find different options for your product finding; these products are divided into Prek-K games and activities, math games and activities, Spanish games and activities, phonic and reading games, activities and cards, mini units and worksheet packs, or see all these products at the same time. You can as well find these products within the Topic section, where they are all divided by Prek to K topics, math topics, Spanish topics, phonics and reading, science topics, social studies, handwriting and like the other section, the option of seeing all of the topics together. There is a Free section where all products for free are divided into their topics, such as preschool printable, phonics worksheets, multiplication practice, Spanish printable, science experiments, social studies pages and handwriting practice among many more. HomeEducationResources.com

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TeacherFiles.com – Free Educational Clip Art

  • April 30, 2008

TeacherFiles.comTeacherFiles.com is a site that provides you with some of the best teaching resources that are currently available on the web.

Sometime teachers need some help with their teaching resources so this sites are very useful because it allows you to spend less time thinking about what you are going to teach and more time actually teaching. Some of the resources that you will be able to find at the site are educational clip art, lesson ideas, printable resources, teacher links and how to start a class website. At the educational clip art section you will be able to find Titles / Headings, clip art with text, place value clip art, teacher appreciation gift, month signs, school subject titles, time and clocks, year signs, unit theme titles, 2d and 3d shapes and kindergarten teacher. So if you want to find some great teaching resources then you should check out this site. TeacherFiles.com

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LetUsTeachKids.com – Children’s Ministry Resources

  • April 27, 2008

LetUsTeachKids.comLetUsTechKids.com is a site that provides you with great training videos, free newsletters that contain ideas, encouragement, puppet skits and appropiate lessons that you will be able to use in your class.

The site is organized in different categories and that makes it easier for you to find the item you want in a faster way. Some of the product categories that you will be able to find at the site are bible stories, curriculum, drama, dvds, educational, holiday, music, newsletter, object lessons, puppets, skits, stories and training. Teaching kids is never an easy task so it is great to have a resource to help you with this job. There are many sites that offer help when it comes to raise your children some are good and some are bad, this site is one of those many options you have, so it is up to you to decide if the information you need is appropiate and useful or not. So in order to make that choice you should visit the site. LetUsTeachKids.com

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ChristianPreSchoolPrintables.com – Teaching Resources

  • April 24, 2008

ChristianPreSchoolPrintables.comChristianPreSchoolPrintables.com is a site that offers free christian teaching resources.

At the site you will be able to find coloring pages, verse cards, christian lapbooks, file folder games, felt board sets, finger puppets, sunday school lessons & homeschooling curriculum, bible ABC’s and other great variety of activities for kids to do. Also if you want you can join the site newsletter in order to be updated with all the latest news about the site. What is more, they also have a group site that allows you to interact with other christian teachers and homeschoolers. Moreover, at the site you will be able to view craft demonstration videos from kids. You can search subjects by theme, resource, sister sites, top sites or by cpp resources. If you are a christian and want to get some teaching printables for your kids then at this site you will find the widest selection. So feel free to check the site on a regular basis to find out about the latest additions. ChristianPreSchoolPrintables.com

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History.org – Colonial Williamsburg Foundation

  • January 23, 2008

History.orgHistory.org is the official site for the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation.

In the site, users will be able to find all sorts of educational materials in order to understand the history of this key Virginia city, which are targeted at students and Colonial history enthusiasts. The site also includes extensive information in regards to visiting this city, plus driving directions, hotel reservations, attraction pricing and operating hours. At History.org, users will also find a detailed travel planner, and for users that will not be going to Williamsburg, there is a fully animated virtual tour of the town which is very enlightening as well. Several podcasts are available from this site, covering areas as diverse and interesting as the history of the declaration of independence, biography of key historical personalities or maintenance of the historic part of the city. Teachers (especially elementary and high-school) will find a library of resources for their students that can help them gain quick insight as to the ordinary life of mid 18th century America. Also take a look at the event calendar, where you can find lots of fun activities that will be taking place in Colonial Williamsburg, like seminars, community celebrations or historic reconstructions. History.org

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Teachingheart.net – Teaching Resources

  • December 26, 2007

Teachingheart.net“Teaching is a Work of Heart” is the going motto for this site, and in it preschool teachers, parents or persons somewhat related to children can find proper and quality teaching resources and also fun material to download and share with little ones. Teachingheart.

net aims to provide support mainly for k3 and k4 levels, but smaller and larger audiences will surely benefit from its content as well. The site is organized into categories so it’s easier to find what you are looking for: print outs, teaching units, coloring pages, math resources, songs, reading comprehension exercises, worksheets, and a long etc. Some of these categories link to page content and other are external links. There is no multimedia content, rather text-only content plus pictures and drawings. The site fully accomplishes its teaching-resource outlook despite the fact that it could optimize its service by making as good a selection of audios and videos or java games and apps as the selection of print material on offer. Other that the very knowledgeable and useful learning aids available at this site, there are a couple of forums where teachers can meet and discuss teaching and learning. Teachingheart.net

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